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LIVE!   Don't be limited, be unlimited! Schooling limits you but Education makes you limitless! This is what i believe and i will stand for it.   Invest more in your Mind. Everything that a man experiences in life affects... Continue Reading →

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THE REFUSAL TO LOVE. 💛💙💜💕   We have all defined love to our taste. We all say love is this and that but,  i believe Love is rapped up in just a statement.  LOVE IS CONSTANT!  Love does not discriminate,... Continue Reading →

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Contaminated Power

The world is messy, information forms us and people of high calibre has sold to us perceptions. 


Precede with patience in deliberate action, know when to go hard and soft, afar more let love guide you.  Leadership is simply taking responsibility for oneself, being able to lead and follow one ownself is good leadership. People follow those that can follow themselves and are result oriented.  It is a crucial aspect of life, which is the self awareness for responsibility that makes up a leader, not the power persay. We have mistaken power for leadership and vice versa.  Compelling and Showing Example, are too different words with opposite meaning. A leader can be a politician but not the other way around.  Click to continue...

The Ideologies of Football

A cell works in conjunction with other cells in achieving a joint productive result, so also the game of football. The methodology of football is beyond just the playing.  Psychology in the game is the basis at which it stands... Continue Reading →

Black-White Football 1

Football is known to be a universal game where a great number of people is involved in, one way or the other. Even during Continental or World competitions many of us tend to be patriotic enough in supporting our country... Continue Reading →

The Evolved Music

Music has been a great tool in the history of man even before the creation of the world. Lucifer was once the leading vocalist in heaven but lost his place afterwards. Even during the ancient histories of human kind, in... Continue Reading →

A Crumbling World

The world was made for us and it was made for her perfection in us, that was why He tried to make us perfect creating us in His image after His likeness made us male and female but, we decided... Continue Reading →

There is a Reason

After a spirit filled youth conference that was anchored by Pastor Gbile Akanni which was accompanied with two deep friends, Tope Dada and Christiana Awelewa. We all departed for our different houses. I got home. Surprisingly, I saw her not feeling... Continue Reading →

Respect, Good Mirage

A feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities or achievement. The definition of respect has just in general revealed everything about it. Common quote from older ones that "respect is everything" I totally disagree,... Continue Reading →


Everyone needs comfort and no one loves stress. Certainly we could be so prior to finding what we really desire. We tend to worry over issues outside our control and this is the genesis of most dep… Source: RELIEF

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