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Everyone needs comfort and no one loves stress. Certainly we could be so prior to finding what we really desire. We tend to worry over issues outside our control and this is the genesis of most depression. A life with... Continue Reading →


Listen Up

We can be self conscious but shouldn't be rapped up in ourselves. It only amounts to a really small package.

CULTURE “The Biased Platform”

This is how it is done. Its the norm. if you do it like this, you get this. Enough of that! Please enough! Drama, Pretence, Stagnation...  Is all it offers. We end up endangering our opportunity of rejuvenating our intentions.... Continue Reading →


According to Creation's Constitution in Hebrews chapter 8, verse 5 and i quote "Keep your composure in all situations and overlook an offense. Think about others and how they would feel" Sometimes, i go wild, weird, insane and shattered, burdened... Continue Reading →


According to Oxford Dictionary, Fame is the state of being known by many people.   Maybe that definition of Fame was taken from people's general perspective or from the social context.   We've almost all mistaken Fame for Popularity. Many... Continue Reading →


LIVE!   Don't be limited, be unlimited! Schooling limits you but Education makes you limitless! This is what i believe and i will stand for it.   Invest more in your Mind. Everything that a man experiences in life affects... Continue Reading →

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THE REFUSAL TO LOVE. 💛💙💜💕   We have all defined love to our taste. We all say love is this and that but,  i believe Love is rapped up in just a statement.  LOVE IS CONSTANT!  Love does not discriminate,... Continue Reading →

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