Football is known to be a universal game where a great number of people is involved in, one way or the other. Even during Continental or World competitions many of us tend to be patriotic enough in supporting our country if they are fortunate enough to qualify, even if we not conversant with Club side games. 
Over the years, football is seen as a life of it own only those that are actively involved live in, its beyond just sport. Unfortunately, their are issues that so many are not considering or we overlook due to it normalcy on the general term. 

The actively involved fellow who has taken this awesome game as a career in most cases seen as street hooligan or been tagged as lazy.

“Sniffle” You can be right only if you see it from your stand point, which I think its a selfish assumption.

I can be sure to say Footballers or Sport women and men are one of the most hardworking, intelligent, responsive, decisive and creative individuals ever without a glimpse of skepticism. Let me clarify this a bit, we think within 3-5 seconds in making decision and you that work in the office thinking you are working hard to try get involved in a footballers training session, then you will understand. The biggest misconception is trying to generalize anyone that has his training kits and goes for training everyday as a footballer. Please don’t get it wrong. 

We know in every discipline, we do have the skilled and unskilled, football is not as different from all of those. What differentiate a football player from a footballer is their level of focus and dedication, so we tend to come into situations where opportunities that are for the real guys are been given to jokers, at the end they flop. Those ones are more concerned about the glory and the money involved forgetting there are processes in getting their and this is a rough road that is really rough and besides its a game made to enjoy and entertain the audience. It takes the stunt focused footballers to scale through. The love for the game is what keeps us going and this forms our passion for the game. In between please never envy any footballer that has made his name, we work so hard. You can never tell what we do in our closet. And those that went fetish to make wave, its unfortunate that such glory is for so short a time, the outcome will most likely be from grace to grass. You have been doing this for so long, why don’t you have a little more patience and wait for God’s time for an everlasting glory? It pays. 

Desperation is what affect football in its grassroot level and this is really a canker worm eating into the essentials of the game. Even to the extent that we are the problem of ourselves. 

A few of us is aware that during an important match or trial, your team mate can be your opponent on a pitch of ten players and a goal keeper of same Jersey, you want to know? Also the ideologyof the game? 

Let’s continue this on Monday 12th of June, 2017 by 7pm.