Don’t be limited, be unlimited!

Schooling limits you but Education makes you limitless! This is what i believe and i will stand for it.


Invest more in your Mind. Everything that a man experiences in life affects the Mind. Don’t run around to compile every certification in every Institution if you don’t have a vision to make a difference and empower your world in those fields. Its a waste of time.


Education is Knowledge put into action. Schooling is an environment that summons us to acquire knowledge and ethics.  And i believe this should be forced on us basically.

But it is saddening we have made it the determinant of our livelihood.


We are meant to be given specifics and basics that allows us discover ourselves in choosing what we really want out of life.


I am speaking out today so as to give a wake up call to all our teachers in Creche, Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools to build pupils and students to be able to make a livelihood decision now because this are the Basics. Find a vision in Teaching. Don’t instruct, Teach! Teaching is a career


Even some of our teachers, lecturers and so called professors have chosen these career parts just to survive but not to live. They pass on frustration to their pupils and students because they are also.


This is part of the cankerworm eating the economy of this Country and the entire Africa. We have been bred in that way to be dependent on others decisions over our personal lives, ever since colonization.


Let us break out and start thinking differently. Don’t let us pass on frustration and indecision to next generations.


Lets focus on the basics and we won’t unnecessarily need to invade others privacy before we show we care..


If you trust them, you care, and if you care, you support them. I mean “you support them”, don’t decide for them.

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