Music has been a great tool in the history of man even before the creation of the world. Lucifer was once the leading vocalist in heaven but lost his place afterwards. Even during the ancient histories of human kind, in the days of Beethoven and Mozart, to this present age. It has been a weapon in the ears of the listener and it masters are the real magician.

​If we say music has evolved, of course we are right but this doesn’t mean the originality of old music and potency of the classics we had should be disrespected. As humans, we grow through stages, new inventions, ideas and all. Human minds is getting more broadened due to the changes in the environment which has been influenced by globalization. 

The type of music our parents listened to whilst growing up, isn’t the type of music we have today. They had the likes of Fela Anikulapo Kuti and The Beatles but now we have the likes of Eminem, Mali Music, Lecrae, Bez, Cobhams Asuquo, Asa, wizkid, Lagbaja and the rest of them. Nevertheless, these shouldn’t stop us from accepting the great works of this rare gems of way back.
If the art of music is in it finished product, what about the creation of the product? The process of making music also witnesses this evolution. As a rap artist, anytime I meet a new producer for work, they mostly have the advice of me doing “what is on point” (The norm), what people find fascinating at that very moment. Some of my colleague in the rap industry that we were on the verge of sticking to our brand identity are now doing the mainstream, singing just to fit in, concentrating on gaining audience. Meanwhile those trend that was once the in thing, came to stay as a result of someone breaking out of the norm and setting a standard.

Some artist are so desperate to be famous that they hide behind the success stories of others, which brings about using their blueprint to rise into prominence. I have never come across anyone that evolved using someone else DNA and have confirmed that from a friend who happens to be a medical practitioner. 

Evolution is you through the mastery of your abilities and features breaking into that higher state of manifesting. For you to ascend, you need to know yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, the resources needed to the next level of perfection and the things holding you down from moving on to that greater height you hope for.

Some extinct animals that we are familiar with are so because they could not survive the competition or say adaptation skills needed for the latest ecological advancement. Be it natural or like the most beautiful vanities of life artificial. if you however say a person is not conforming to the socially engineered culture, does not imply there is a bridge in evolvement. Such person has most likely evolved. Some caught up in the social norms are the living dead; satisfying the powers in charge.  

Furthermore, the standard monitored and controlled by some board of managerial, made up of men dictating to the subconscious of the media personnel, on what to do and how to do it and what perfection looks like. 

Siting an example of an African woman for instance who is naturally dark skinned, endowed with healthy melanin, a body designed to absorb the power of the sun; obviously accompanied by her gravity defying hair, until she was exposed to the standards created by this mortal feel. 

Her skin is a curse, her hair is a shame and the way she carries herself is in error. She fell for the trap of the mind and now she tones the color of her skin, hides her hair under palm fronts or hair from slaves from the Indian temples. If you are curious enough to know the reason for her action, she then sees it as you ‘judging her’. She has no clue what the new world is ordering us to evolution. What is evolution to you when you’re dead inside, how can you ascend when the weights of false guilt, self-hate and inferiority grows within you

Extinction according to physics is the reduction in the intensity of light or other radiation as it passes through a medium or object, due to absorption, reflection, and scattering. Obviously, it is when the light is altered that you have extinction coming up, not when you carry your light and add more light to it so you can be something brighter. Try as much as possible not to extinct your true self because you are basing evolution on someone else experience, the DNA is different and your method of doing things should be different, that defines your identity no matter how trendy it may seem to be.  

Evolution a very essential process in ascension.

– Sola Akinadewo-