THE REFUSAL TO LOVE. 💛💙💜💕psx_20160917_132308


We have all defined love to our taste.

We all say love is this and that but,  i believe Love is rapped up in just a statement.  LOVE IS CONSTANT!  Love does not discriminate, Love is selfless.


You cannot tell me you ‘Love’ your family or your friends and you are still having enemies. Enemy is a personal consciousness of disgust and negative expectations in a person.

When love is involved, every trace of hatred vanishes.


Infact, the best way to know a Loving person is not by what he/she does to those he knows or significant but to those that are unknown or to insignificant personalities.


I think what most of us call LOVE is Pretense of Acceptability,  due to benefits we derive. This is all on a path of the Human Philosophy.

Can we stop pretending to Love?


Philosophers have defined LOVE to suite their selfish desires.

Until Self Centeredness is taken off from the Sphere of Humanity, there is no LOVE.