The world was made for us and it was made for her perfection in us, that was why He tried to make us perfect creating us in His image after His likeness made us male and female but, we decided our path as we parted ways from His plans for us. Then we scattered around as flock of sheep without a shepherd. Freedom took a hold on us and was so entangled with ideas that flows within and without erupting through situational pressure that wasn’t justifiable. When we ought to speak, we went silent as we watch occurrences that was within our reach to unfold. Those that was upright had no charisma to  be stern and was not decisive enough due to their emotional tolerance.Everything begin to turn around, now it seem we were been made for the World. We lost our identity and forgot where we are coming from, we were lost to ourselves yielding to the natural, forgetting we were made out of the supernatural. 

We limited our minds to mediocrity as we separated the possible from the impossible. We got so caught up with supremacy and made ourselves subjective to the power that comes with it. 

All of this shaped us as we were lost into the myth of running the race of the rats, the race to becoming the super mediocre. 

Got into competition with ourselves, not anything different from a track and field event. 

If that was what the creator of the whole universe wanted, we would all have been created once and for all. But, we were created for a purpose at different times. We can be better than this, He knows we are not perfect that was why He sent His son to make it easier for all of us, we can strive to be better than who we were yesterday. Perfection is a process, it can’t be attained but it can still be practiced.

If only we can take it upon ourselves to stand our ground by taking decisive steps in becoming what is expected of us by the one that has created and formed us. Our values is a prerequisite in sustaining that connection between what is demanded of us, and these values should be in alignment with His will for our lives.

Religious activities has blindfolded us that some try to hide in between to be painted white. We shouldn’t be deceived with that, self values defines a us and this prompts almost all of our actions. 

So now, let us take it upon ourselves to follow through.

We are made for the world, not of it. We are more of the spiritual, less the physical. It is our responsibility to make it better. We are all one, irrespective of our tribe or racial differences. ​ 

We can make the world better.

Thanks for reading through✌🏽

In between, i got into a deep conversation with a friend who happens to be more of a brother. His views concerning the music world is something that should be shared. Asides his professional career as an Engineer, he has chosen a career in music, rap music to be precised which he has got awesome singles. In my next post, i will be bringing in his views to the rest of us. 

Enjoy the rest of the week.;)