A cell works in conjunction with other cells in achieving a joint productive result, so also the game of football. The methodology of football is beyond just the playing. 

Psychology in the game is the basis at which it stands due to it oppositional display. Everything done on the pitch of play is been done as a result of conscious effort made during your training time. That is why football is not just about the body, understanding the game plays a vital role. We play football according to our understanding of the game, the parts of the body are just tools in carrying out the action. You cannot play the game beyond your knowledge. So, if you know better you act better.

Sometimes people ask me why I am not too interested in live matches because i watch more of the highlights of old matches, some start wondering why I do that especially as an aspiring professional footballer. They sometimes call me ‘weirdo’ Lol…

Watching football matches as a footballer, is not just for the fun of it, the main purpose of watching matches is to learn. Whenever I watch live matches I lose concentration to learn and focus on supporting my team and won’t be open minded to receiving  the information it is passing across. This is an effective opportunity for us to be involved but not in it. It is readily available for corrections.

Also, frustrating your opponent is one very strategic way of winning especially when the pressure of the game is in it maximum but, we now tend to do it wrongly. To the extent of bringing it in within ourselves as a team. 

In a team where you are playing together in achieving a collective aim of winning matches then some dirty act creeps in. When your team players notices how outstanding you are on the pitch of play, they suddenly reduce the number of passes you receive because they are afraid of you outshining them.

Once you are given first five passes and you utilize them that your controls were accurate and your passes was perfect or maybe you have attempts to score within those few chances, then the passes stops coming. This will definitely affect the methodology of the game because the passes have stopped moving the right direction and at the right timing. This is rampant within African football especially our grassroot to be precised, when it is an important match where their are countless number of people watching.

Football is beyond the passes and controls, the tactical and technical aspect is crucial. Time (When), techniques(How) and direction(where or who) are very important decisions to make, these are very vital to the coordination of the teams formation.

Attitude towards the game is also very important, this set aside the amateur from the professionals. You can be an amateur in rank and be professional mentally. This shows a high level of preparedness for the big opportunities ahead of you and it is the basis of knowing a disciplined footballer. Mental fitness is the determinant of an efficient performance, it starts from your mind and flows down to your body.

Cristiano Ronaldo once said “One of my biggest secret is that i keep hydrated”. 

If you are not disciplined now, you can’t be when you get to that level you have been aspiring for. This is why there are so many football players but few footballers. So now define your identity. Some just hide behind this great profession to be busy. 

Focus and determination and the right attitude is crucial. Be on the go in search for opportunities, stop staying in a place for too long, be open minded and don’t be cajoled by lame promises. Go for it!

Time is short