After a spirit filled youth conference that was anchored by Pastor Gbile Akanni which was accompanied with two deep friends, Tope Dada and Christiana Awelewa. We all departed for our different houses. I got home.

Surprisingly, I saw her not feeling good even though I left her sound. She has lost concentration, she couldn’t listen well, speak well, I held her and she was shivering. Her response to my words was heavenly. 

Ran, phoned, do all I could to make sure anyone comes to my attention. After a short time family members, friends and neighbors came around. From home treatment to clinic, from clinic to general hospital, the situation was too critical that she was recommended to a specialist hospital in Kogi alongside Sister. Hmmm treatment here and there. An unforgettable day, when we drove down to Ibadan and we were asked to leave for Kogi the same day but due to one thing or the other we were asked to stay back. Myself and brother.  Never knew that was the last time we would talk and smile together on this mortal terrain. That morning on the 30th of May, 2014 after all the prayers, believing and optimism. I got the news that broke my heart, kept me shattered, left me questioning that you have gone to glory. Wow! It was unfathomable, couldn’t just comprehend it at all. Will always remember your last words to me when I kissed and told you how much I love you. You made me understand how much God loves me and how much you do too. 

All this thought floods my heart how you spent enough time to bring us up in the ways of the Lord, taught us human values and ethics. Your parenting skill is 150%. You left too early that you couldn’t wait to eat the earthly fruit of your labour. But there is a reason… You’ve gone for the better fruit that will always be.

Now I have started understanding why you were called up so soon. You wanted us to see what it is and you sacrificed all to make us better. Your voice can never be ripped off from my heart. You are Amazing Mum! Adaramola Lois Olayinka

To everyone out there, there is a reason to whatever happens to us in this life we are in. The situation might seem hopeless but trust me, it is for a better you. Only if you can see the opportunity behind that storm you are facing now.

If test times does not come, then you are yet to be trusted. 

Get up and keep moving, don’t you ever seat and use that as an excuse to give up on your dream. You are responsible for your future, once you have that in mind, alibi won’t be an option. Everything that rises and falls on a man’s life is for a reason. Every test differs. So face it and come out even stronger and better.

Get out and keep moving. There is a reason!

My true life story 

Write Up Inspired by Mopelola Sawyerr