A feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities or achievement.

The definition of respect has just in general revealed everything about it. Common quote from older ones that “respect is everything” I totally disagree, if respect is everything we are not sincere with ourselves, we are just playing around with each other waiting for that solitude day change comes and everything turns against or for it as the case may be.
Now lets understand this better.

Respect is a product of Culture, if the producer is defected, what good does the product brings, less valuables or nothing at all.

Respect is conditional and culture is the inspirer. Culture is the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.

C’mon, why are we so blindfolded with an ancient instruction brought about by some individuals that don’t understand the social situational pressures of this age of ours.

Any belief that separate the superior from the inferior is not worth a value and respect is part. I believe its not worth a value.

~The young are meant to act a certain way to the old, this is respect.

~The women are meant to act a certain way to the men, this is respect.

~The poor are meant to act a certain way to the rich, this is respect.

We accepted all of these just because it favours some group of existence or status, and the ones that it disfavors deal with themselves and try to do all to fit into that awkward system.
That’s why we run the rat race because we don’t want to be inferior and get intimidated by others. Then we settle in for less, accepting anything life brings to us, forgetting who we are, our true self. We are powerful beyond measures. That’s why mediocrity is the order of the day.

Some questions i ask myself but i think it will be wise to ask.
Who founded the word ‘Respect’? Was it a part of the values given by the one who truly was the perfect one?

According to the holy book, the fruit of the spirit are the greatest values given to humanity and respect wasn’t mentioned. What it is similar to is GENTLENESS.
Then, we endeavor to sideline it because it is filled with standards that is demanding to attain. It’s sacrificial, constant, natural, genuine, excellent and an epitome of the reflection of what love truly is. So we welcomed the one that is easy and segregational. I feel its so shameful! Yes, buu us all.
Self centeredness is all that we are wrapped up in.
It has been discovered that in the next few years, depression will be the one chronic mental disease that will affect majority of humans living on the planet, because we are the cause. We set standards we ourselves can’t attain or never did, we tell them they can’t because you ain’t in their shoes.

It is time we replace Gentleness with that word of mediocrity called Respect.
We regard the gentle chaps as weakling because you’ve tried to be but you couldn’t. Hey, you can but clear that shallow mind and embrace the in thing. Gentleness is the new trend. Forget who is who and do what you ought to do. Do the right thing.

Hello man, open that door for her, cook for her, give the man that opportunity; if he got what it takes without waiting for him to first bow down at your feet before you would, don’t expect to hear thank you’s before you do what you want to and say thank you when you get the slightest of helps, apologize when you go wrong no matter how older you are.

If the word respect is to be used, it should be as a product of Gentleness, not Culture.
I don’t see any reason why a 4 year old child won’t be treated with respect even if you are his/her father or mother. If you can treat a well educated man that knows his rights as a citizen respectfully, why won’t you treat the one with little or no education in the same way.

Let’s be genuine with our dealings. With this we can make the world a better place for all to live in.



N.B: All definitions are from the Oxford Dictionary.