Everyone needs comfort and no one loves stress. Certainly we could be so prior to finding what we really desire. We tend to worry over issues outside our control and this is the genesis of most depression. A life with so much worries is a life out of control. Worry has a way of pushing you further than you can ever imagine and at the end of all, dumps you in the garbage even before getting there.

Fear and worries works hand in hand. Fear is the motivator, worry is the anticipator; whereby they anticipate uncertainty and leaves you restless. Haven’t you notice that when you worry, you automatically become lazy and at same time vulnerable. Then you become more conscious about the negativity around you and then law of attraction takes over the rest.

Hello dear, you are stronger than that ‘situation’ you are facing, as I have said its a situation, its temporal, it won’t last for too long. It is not a problem neither will it last forever. it is just a way at which life test us and makes us stronger for the big tasks ahead of us.

Most great minds that we hear today, went through the hardest of times but they never gave up on themselves, they kept on believing in themselves, even if needs be to restrategize. Everything you go through now, you will get out of it and then you will meet someone else that will need you to lift her/him up someday. You are stronger than this baby, stronger than you ever imagine.

Get up, believe, believe and believe. Worries do not make you better but Faith does. Take a time to find why you are here, through your worries. Smile Often.

Trust me, the things you worry about the most are things you would find the best of solutions to. This is the best way to discover your potential and purpose of being in existence. People who worry more have the tendency of loving the most.

Turn the worry around girl/boy. Get out and address it in other’s life. Don’t let them go through same situation you’ve gone through. If we all can do this, it could be a way of providing a better life for the next generations to come.

We all can create the atmosphere we desire if only we know who we are and believe in the One who has brought us here.

Happy New Year 2017. Greater Us. Smile Often and Love More this New Year.  Much Love to all