Hello friend, we need to talk. Yes, i mean you. Its high time we kept a touch on this.

I think some of us understand how it feels chatting with a friend or random person that is all rapped up in himself and not been conscious about what is going on around. All he sees is me, myself and i.

Well, it is so good to love oneself immensely that it transcends down to every of his words, actions and thoughts.

Self love potentially radiates love evenly. But my fear is what we call self love sometime isn’t self love. It could be self centeredness.

As humans, we all have cravens to be loved and to be treated rightfully even if we tend to sometimes treat others badly.

Getting involved with some, set off your passion for who you want to be and put you in an atmosphere of doubt. We sometime avoid giving it all to a person that is all rapped up in himself.

So how can we go about this?

Self love can be an antidote in stimulating an individual who seems to be stereotyped in empathizing

We are like cells budding out to create more cells. As each cell grows, it has its features. The environment influences it growth until it matures and keeps undergoing changes. We are all “budded” from each other, no specifications.

“Love never goes wrong. So their is no true or false love. Love is love”

We can’t love everyone at a time, all you need  is to love a person at a time. Subconsciously, everyone around you will feel that share of love.

Listening to them say what is most important to them, this is a good step in the right direction.

When you listen to them speak, It reflects the love you have for yourself. You can easily connect with the flow of things from without to within you. With that, you can relate with both world. Each of us is a world

Be conscious of you but don’t let it be all about you.

Thank you for your time. ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻