This is how it is done. Its the norm. if you do it like this, you get this.

Enough of that! Please enough!

Drama, Pretence, Stagnation…  Is all it offers.

We end up endangering our opportunity of rejuvenating our intentions.

Can someone list the advantages of culture?

Well, i wouldn’t conclude it has no advantage at all, but its disadvantages are enormous.

Let me try and come down to someone’s level.

I have tried sometimes to explain how culture has affected our community negatively with some elderly persons; *sigh* i think it wouldn’t be necessary to tell you the end point of this duo conversation. Haha…

Culture is made up of respect. And they do say, respect is everything. That implies, culture is everything. I disagree. Those are  opinion anyways and i can share this if you suffice.

Okay, fine!

*We have been told to respect elders

*A good wife should do this and that to earn the love of her husband e.g kneel down every morning for him and also when offering him food.

*When a younger person in the family is demised, it is ‘right’ for the older ones not to attend the burial.. *sniffle*

*It is wrong to use your left hand, etc

These are cultural oriented actions. Everyone deserves to be respected, irrespective of the age, gender, race, status either socially, financially or physically.

We are not limited to the happenings around,  but to ourselves.

This is one of the reasons our education is failing.

Some lecturers humiliate their student because he has this feeling of superiority over the student.

I can’t learn effectively under teachers that feel they know all and can not think, rethink. I think it applies to many students also.  Flexibility is an effective source of acquiring knowledge.

Culture has summed our thinking ability to a logical one. Logic is too cheap for us to trust because even the life we live is not logical. We have been told if we do this and do that we will live longer, i think you should ask Ryan Shay. Its unfortunate. Accept my condolence.

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Ryan Shay: 1979 – 2007

Can we stop being logical and embrace Emotions. We should do things based on how we will feel concerning what we do,  not because someone unknown propagated it.

We limit Peer pressure to just the younger ones, we all are guilty of peer pressure. Their are so many things that are not right, yet we do it because everyone does it or it was said of us to do it.

We are so entangled with trends and this has made us stereotyped. Stereotyped in the way we think, believing we know it all because you came in to the world first. Does that make you smarter, i don’t think so. It takes experience and experience is not subjected to time. You can be a teen but have an experience even a 60year old don’t have.

I am saying, everyone deserves to be respected.

Culture has differentiated between who is superior or Inferior. Our actions should be influenced by emotions so that sympathy, empathy and ampathy can have their rightful place.

l believe this is a good step in the right direction. We should learn to be emotionally intelligent, with that we can feel the pain of others and know how they should be cared for. This way, we can make the world a beautiful place for all to live in without depriving another of his will to share views and ideas freely. This we can be encouraged to make insolate, emotionally different get back on there feet.

We are all here to learn and no one can climb the highest point of knowledge, not one.

Thank you for your time.