According to Creation’s Constitution in Hebrews chapter 8, verse 5 and i quote

“Keep your composure in all situations and overlook an offense. Think about others and how they would feel”

Sometimes, i go wild, weird, insane and shattered, burdened in my spirit, but as soon i remember imperfection is the generality of existence, a sense of relief pops in.

Everyone is trying to get situations, circumstances off their mind but yet we often forget that.

Some of us are aware of this quote,

“Change is Constant”

Its a common quote, right? Yeah.

Seat up, we are getting somewhere.

Personally researched for the sake of confirmation and i found out our views and definition to life changes as we grow older. Our priority changes as a result of situation that is most critical

This is a matter many young and old don’t like discussing about but yet its the process to our existence. They say ‘its just complicated’. Yes i totally agree with you. But, the more we shy away from it, the more we experience it either ways.

In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years – -Abraham Lincoln

Life has been defined, illustrated, situated, conditioned by many famous personalities. We have been told things to do and not to, for a better life.

Well, some can be true but as the same time, a few are not.

Life is People, People is Life.

As simple as it may look or sound, that is the real deal. The simple of things are the ones that are most dangerous because we rarely see any good out of it, since its cheap.

Life is not same as feelings, situations, experiences. I see life as a no Verb (Action). Life is Noun.

Its rarely about what life offers you, its all about what you offer life.

Everything that rises and falls on a persons emotion is as a reflection of the quality of people around.

Some believe they know, but all they know is what anyone knows, and what anyone knows wasn’t particularly known to suite every condition but the creator’s alone. That isn’t good enough.

This is why we live in a world of self centeredness and yet we forget and use others method hoping to get same result and afar more, a better one.

We forgetting the principles that are made, are based on cultural orientation.

*CULTURE, the biased platform*. That’s a topic for another day

Knowledge + Application = Attitude

People * Attitude = Exhaled Emotion

*If you know better, you act better*

You cannot perform beyond the level of your Knowledge.

Everyday we encounter people, that’s why we are unnecessarily afraid at some point.

People don’t change, their attitude does. This is as a result of situation happening around them.

This is why we should focus more on the situation or position of the individual not the person himself. Open mindedness is key at this point.

*Attitude is what reflects us, personality detests us but love protects us.*

Understanding, they say is mutual, but, expecting mutuality sometimes can be disappointing.

Everything that happens to us is always caused by somebody and not something.

That implies we are the ones making things complicated for ourselves.

Understanding others first is a way that can transform us.  When you try to understand others first before expecting them to understand you is the way out of all the happenings around us. if this can transcend round the world, their wouldn’t be chaos.

*They are not who they are, they are what they are*

Always keep this in mind, No one is perfect.  Perfection is a process, its unattainable.

The self consciousness of trying to do everything accurately and correctly is what makes us perfect.

Perfection is not self observation but people’s.

Let us do things right no matter the pressure, it might not be worth it now, but later it will definitely.

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. -Winston Churchill-

The life we live is not ours, its ours dream’s.

Life is people. Dreams and Ambition are two different words with different meanings

*Dreams are plans to make your world a better place. It is not a conscious effort for personal upliftment

*Ambition is awareness of personal achievement. We can do anything to get it done.

How we feel is as a result of our association.

Invest more on how to make people better then you will be.

The greatest knowledge you can acquire is on People’s Management. This is the bedrock of a successful life.

People Management knowledge does not mean you manipulate others to get any result but how to make others feel better and important, which is what every living creature crave for the most. Everyone want to feel important, let them and make sure you do that sincerely, no flattery.

Romans chapter 12 verse 10 says, and i quotes”Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honoring each other”.

Let us do this together.

Whenever you encounter any quote the word LIFE is inclusive in the sentence, replace it with PEOPLE.

Now i want you to try this. Scroll back up to the quote by Abraham Lincoln and maybe some other ones in addition, let’s see.

Thanks for Your Time ✌🏻

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