According to Oxford Dictionary, Fame is the state of being known by many people.


Maybe that definition of Fame was taken from people’s general perspective or from the social context.


We’ve almost all mistaken Fame for Popularity. Many are on the verge of getting famous and they are going all the way to be. I wouldn’t want to point fingers and be too precised but i know we all know what i am talking about.


Some use the social platforms to desperately clamor for fame without having a full understanding what it really means.


Now let us put aside every form of sentiment, open up your mind and view it from the grey spot.


“Celebrities used to be found like pearls in oysters and with much the same defensive mechanisms” β€”Barbara Walters


Fame is an expression used for positive influencers that got to the heart of a large number of people.


In early ages, people they call Famous were those that had dreams of affecting lives positively, they never had personal goals of becoming famous, it was people who referred them as Famous, due to the positive impacts they had on many lives.


Fame – Also meant “reputation” in early contexts.

See also related terms for reputation.

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We should notice, the ‘Famous’ that were not qualified for the title never lasted because, they were just Popular. Fame does not expire in a twinkle of an eye but it goes on from generation to generations.


We all know Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Mother Theresa, Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton and Edson Arantes do Nascimento, known as PelΓ© are examples of Famous though the first name among this list of greatness is incomparable. Fame is another name for greatness.


Fame is reputation and vice versa. Reputation is a word used only for positive icons.

Let us be mindful of what we give, less mindful of what we get.


The question should not be,

“What can i do to be famoutaking t,

“What can i do to help people get better?

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